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Coverage Examples

Coverage reports come in all different shapes and sizes and there's no official industry standard layout to adhere to. Most coverage services should offer a sample of what a writer can expect when purchasing coverage and they'll also provide new readers on their roster with a template of their own individual report style from which to use. Here's a selection to give you a good idea of which elements are normally included in a report as well as a basic blank coverage template that you can download and use to get you started. 

Coverage Examples

Find Script Reader Work

One of the easiest places to find script reader work for entry-level or new readers is with screenwriting contests. Receiving hundreds if not thousands of submissions each year, there are more screenplays than hours to read them. Readers can work remotely and often at their own pace, meaning that you can take on as much work as you're willing to. You will have to prove that you're capable of course, so be prepared to submit a coverage sample with your application or to write one or two test reports for free to showcase your abilities. 

Contests are less likely to need new readers on their roster close to final contest deadlines, where there will be fewer screenplays to read and there may already be a dedicated more experienced team reading the later stage scripts. One tactic to increase your chance of being hired is to query or apply before a contest opens for submissions. Here's a list of the top-tier screenplay contests currently on the go and the best time to consider applying: - 

Best Time to Apply
Academy Nicholl Fellowship
Before March 2nd
American Zoetrope
Before June 1st
Austin Film Festival Script Competition
Before March 25th
BlueCat Screenplay Contest
Before July 11th
Before Feb 6th
Creative Screenwriting
Before May 27th
Filmarket Hub
Before April 21st
Final Draft Big Break Contest
Before April 12th
Finish Line Script Competition
Before Feb 16th
ISA Fast Track
Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards
Before March 18th
Outstanding Screenplays
PAGE International
Before Jan 19th
Screenplay Festival
Before April 30th
Script Pipeline
Before May 1st
Before Dec 13th
Scriptation Showcase
Before April 10th
Shore Scripts
Before March 1st
Before Feb 28th
Table Read My Screenplay
Before March 17th
The Black List
The Great American Script Contest
Before March 18th
Vail Film Festival Screenwriting Contest
Before Feb 18th
Screenplay Contests
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