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Write Faster Coverage - Become a Better Screenwriter

I've been writing screenplay coverage for aspiring screenwriters professionally for nearly a decade now. I love it, it excites me, and I get a real sense of reward when I'm able to guide new writers towards improving their craft - which ultimately, will hopefully lead to more great screenwriters, more great movies, and more great content for me to watch, so it's kinda selfish in a way too. 

But, I was becoming sick and tired of writing the same old comments to newbie screenwriters who more often than not, were making the same old rookie errors. To cut time and effort, I began to create my own cheat sheet, jotting down the most frequently written comments I made, figuring with a few adjustments, I could start copying and pasting relevant and helpful pieces of feedback. What started off as a couple of pages snowballed into a couple hundred pages and The Script Reader's Cheat Sheet was born!

Whether you're an established reader, have just started reading, or are a screenwriter looking for insider knowledge on what a script reader actually looks for in a screenplay, The Script Reader's Cheat Sheet is the book for you.

Grab yourself a copy today!

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