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Top 5 Places to Watch Short Films for Free

A short film is one of the best calling cards a writer can have. Not only is it easier to get a short produced, but some would say it’s so much more convenient for someone to watch a short film that visually showcases your talent than it is for them to read your feature-length script.

Writing short films is a great way to practice the craft of screenwriting too. The format comes with inherent limitations, thereby forcing writers to be more creative and encouraging innovative ways to tell their stories. And what’s more, an on-screen credit can go a long way to help you gain representation, and having your short film shown at festivals is an ideal way to get lots of industry professionals’ eyes on your work.

Writing a short film is an art form all to itself, but a great way to start getting to grips with the format is by watching some. Don’t you just love it when you get to watch movies and write it off as doing ‘research’!

Here are my top 5 online sites for viewing shorts for free to get you started.

Short of the Week is a well-established platform for showcasing free-to-view shorts available via their website, but also on their YouTube Channel. Premiering new short films every week, this site is one of the most up-to-date sources where you can find recently released shorts. The site aims to be a launchpad for filmmakers, making this a prime scouting ground for industry professionals looking for the next generation of storytellers.


  • Shorts are free to watch.

  • Films are uploaded frequently.

  • There is a huge selection of films available.

  • The website is slick and appealing.


  • The ability to search feels very limited.

  • Has award-winning shorts, but you have to hunt for them.

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