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Pitching You Not Your Script

Pitching is something every writer is going to have to do, whether that’s in front of a panel, at a one-to-one meeting, or just to friends and family when trying to test out ideas. I was lucky enough to be recently invited to be part of the judging panel at this year’s Edinburgh Short Film Festivals Script Pitch Competition, where six finalists were asked to verbally pitch their short film ideas. Each finalist had already submitted a one-page document that included a logline and a writer’s statement as well as their five-page script, so were all being assessed on both verbal and written material. Having something that read great off the page didn’t necessarily mean there was a great verbal pitch to match and vice-versa. What was being judged was the combination of concept, writing ability and the writer’s individual personality. Having been on the other side of the table many times myself, I was all too aware of what each of these young writers were going through, so wanted to pass on some useful tips on how to best come across when planning the perfect pitch.

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