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Can Screenwriters really ‘Write to Market’?

Screenwriting can be a laborious process. As a spec writer, you can spend months if not years working on a screenplay. That’s a long time to commit to a project, especially considering that until the script sells, you’re essentially working for free. There’s the sense that a spec writer is placing all of their eggs into one basket because there’s the inherent risk that the script you’ve dedicated so much of your time to, isn’t going to be something that producers are currently looking for. Writers who want to stay ahead of the game and try to predict whether their idea will be a sellable one before they even begin, will already be familiar with being told that you can’t foresee what the next big trend will be and if the story is a strong one, your script will sell regardless. With this in mind, how can a writer make a calculated risk when deciding on which of your core concepts will have the best chance of selling?

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