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Struggling to launch your screenwriting career? Discover how to improve your writing skills, boost your earnings, and get that all-important foot in the door by becoming a Script Reader.

One of the single best ways to improve your screenwriting is by reading and analyzing other scripts, so why not get paid to do it, right? Whether you’re new to script reading, are a seasoned reader, or are an aspiring screenwriter, this is the book for you.

With over a decade of experience as a contest reader, coverage writer, and screenwriting educator, author Lee Hamilton has created a cheat’s guide to script reading, which will help you master the art of writing coverage quickly, give you an in-depth understanding of how screenplays are assessed, and ultimately help you to become a better screenwriter.

This insider’s guide will reveal:

  • How to write useful, enlightening, comprehensive script coverage – fast.

  • How to analyze your own scripts, potentially saving expensive coverage service costs.

  • How to rationalize and look at story objectively.

  • What script readers look for in every screenplay and why.

  • How to construct effective loglines and much, much more!

Script Readers are a pivotal part of the screen industry. They’re the unsung heroes sifting through the tens of thousands of new screenplays written each year that would otherwise be impossible to read. It’s an entry-level position that can lead to roles in Script Editing, Production, and Development, meaning that it’s the ideal position from which to grow your film or television career, build industry connections, earn extra cash, and there’s no better way to improve your own screenwriting at the same time.

The Script Reader’s Cheat Sheet breaks down the most frequently written comments given in script reports, notes, and evaluations, providing rationale on why they’re made alongside the recommendations that can help improve both story and writing.

Using the downloadable and printable Cheat Sheet Checklist, you’ll be able to quickly pinpoint pivotal talking points from any screenplay and choose from a plethora of useful and relevant “cheats” ready to be copied, pasted, or rewritten into your own report.

Buy the book to unlock your earning potential and boost your screenwriting career today!

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