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Top 5 Things to Consider When Writing Your Podcast

Fiction podcasting may still be relatively new to some of you out there, but it’s an innovative story-telling format that’s breaking boundaries AND it’s also a great place to kick-start your screenwriting career.

With Hollywood already grabbing IP with revenue potential, writing in an audio-only format comes with some distinct challenges for the screenwriter and it can be daunting knowing where to start.

Thankfully, we’ve compiled the top 5 considerations you should be thinking about as you start writing your fiction podcast, which will hopefully give you a better understanding of the medium and get your creative ideas flowing too…

Concept: Assessing whether your idea is compatible with an audio-only format is the first thing you’ll need to think about. Not every story suits being told without visuals. Whether you’re adapting one of your own feature or tv pilots or starting from scratch, you’ll need to review how best to deliver the drama, conflict, tension, exciting set-pieces, and emotion by sound alone.

A blockbuster with lots of visually exciting action sequences and SFX probably isn’t going to translate into an audio format very easily without some major adjustments. This may mean focusing the story on the more emotional and intimate moments, shortening action sequences, and relying a lot more on exposition-heavy dialogue. Or it could mean that a story like that is better left to being shown on the screen and starting with a new idea. Understanding the limitations that come with audio-only storytelling will help you decide which is best for your own stories, ideas, and projects, as you’ll also need to consider how to indicate time jumps, scene transitions, montages, and flashbacks, etc. using sound alone.

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