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Meetings, Managers and Moving to LA

For anyone serious about making it as screenwriter, there’s the inevitable question about whether you need to move to Los Angeles in order to really have a chance at any surmountable success. This life changing decision can be as terrifying as it can be thrilling, so I decided to get some advice on the subject from up and coming TV writer Keith Storrier, who lives in the UK but has recently returned from La La Land after a flurry of positive meetings with execs. Here, he talks about why writers need to move, what to expect in meetings, how he found an agent and more.

Lee Hamilton: In this digital age, does a writer really have the same need to move to LA?

Keith Storrier: I think if you have the opportunity to move there then you should. Purely for the fact it’ll put you in a geographical position where you can attend the many, many meetings you’re going to need to attend with an hour’s notice. If you don’t want to move there but are writing spec TV pilots aimed at an American market then you’re going to have to get over it. Even if your script is good enough to attract attention of producers and studios then the chances of it being bought and developed are still pretty slim. What’s slightly more likely (but still a long shot) is that they’ll like your writing rather than your script and you’ll be hired as a staff writer on some existing project. In this case it’ll have a writers room and you WILL have to be there. The chances of you writing something from your non-LA home and emailing in drafts are next to nil.

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