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Fiction Podcasts: What You Need to Know

Fiction podcasts have been around for a while now, but ask most screenwriters whether they’ve considered writing one, and you’ll probably get a resounding ‘no.’ This is surprising because fiction podcasting is a relatively untapped market with amazing potential to launch your screenwriting career.

Despite the perceived audio/visual divide, fiction podcasting and screenwriting have a common ancestor in playwriting, Whatever the medium, demonstrating that basic mastery of storytelling can open doors.

Today’s fiction podcasting is somewhat akin to the self-publishing industry about a decade ago, except that the audiences are so much bigger. When writers first discovered that the internet offered a place where they could bypass the gate-keepers of the established industry and go it alone – Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Kobo swiftly opened the doors allowing anyone and everyone to upload and sell their books online. And more than a few of them found lucrative careers doing so.

Alongside this revolution in the printed word, there has been rising popularity in audiobooks, podcasts, and mobile media tailored specifically for audiences on the go. Fiction podcasts have now become one of the most popular serial storytelling media out there. Fact! So, screenwriters, after some fairly exhaustive research, here’s the inside take on why you should be considering writing one.

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